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Solutions Connect Africa is accredited with Services SETA (Accreditation Number 12759) and offers you this accredited course.

Finding the right fit – people who don’t only have the correct academic qualifications and relevant experience, but the right attitude and necessary soft skills – can be daunting. This workshop equips participants with the knowledge and practical skills needed to interview and select successfully by using competency-based techniques to determine if candidates exhibit both the “softer” and “harder to get at” behaviours.

Target audience

All line-managers, senior managers, HR professionals and anyone who will be required to interview candidates.

2 to 3 Day Workshop

This workshop is aligned to Unit Standard 12140, accredited with Services Seta – no. 12759, and is fully customisable.
Level: NQF 5
Credits: 9.


  • Explaining the various pieces of legislation that impact on recruitment and selection of candidates
  • Applying the requirements of the legislation to recruitment and selection practices
  • Explaining the competency-based approach to recruitment and selection
  • Obtaining the information needed to recruit candidates for particular positions
  • Deciding on an appropriate selection procedure and drafting an action plan for the chosen selection procedure
  • Preparing the interview and selection criteria for a competency-based recruitment campaign
  • Selecting appropriate media channels to use for a recruitment campaign
  • Preparing a recruitment campaign budget
  • Defining competence and competencies in relation to their use in selection interviews
  • Using different types of selection interviews appropriate to the position being recruited for
  • Using appropriate questions during the interview to elicit required information
  • Using competency-based questions and scoring methods during the selection interview
  • Recording the outcomes of interviews to facilitate decision-making about the suitability of candidates


  • The impact of legislation on recruitment and selection practices
  • Planning and preparing for recruitment and selection. Covers: job analysis of the position, drafting the required competencies (and behaviours) and specifications for different roles and identifying organisational and job-fit requirements
  • Drawing up competency-based interviewing guides including asking appropriate questions to elicit strong evidence
  • Rating and weighting scales
  • Conducting competency-based interviews, recording responses and rating competencies to reach a decision
  • Determining whether the candidate has the right skills, knowledge, values and motivation for the position and the company
The manual also includes additional information on:
  • Planning and preparing a recruitment plan
  • The cost of recruitment, budgets, advertising and general administration
  • Initial screening and short-listing techniques
  • Conducting references, credit and criminal checks
  • Making offers and declining unsuccessful candidates

Other workshops

1-day Customised Information Workshop

This workshop is designed as an introduction to competencies and their use in selecting candidates during the interview process.


Solutions Connect Africa Competency-Based HR Management

R&S Policy and Procedure Review

Conduct a review of the organisation’s Recruitment & Selection Policies and Procedures including an in-depth assessment of their practical application in the workplace.

Competency Library

Produce a bespoke competency library that underpins the organisation’s identified behavioural competencies. If a bespoke library is not an option, a generic library can be supplied that best matches the organisation’s needs. Both the bespoke and generic libraries can be used on an affordable on-line system that will produce customised Interview Guides, manage your recruitment and selection process and store documents.

Interview Panels

Participate in and chair interview panels. The process will include a detailed report with recommendations on the process and each competency in relation to the candidates.

Telephonic Interview Bureau

As part of the recruitment and selection process we would offer a competency-based interview bureau that would cut down the face-to-face interview time by vetting candidates’ technical and behavioural skills either telephonically or via online technology.

Executive Coaching & Consulting

Offer interview coaching for Executives and Senior Managers who are having to find the right candidate for a job.

Additional Recruitment & Selection Offerings

Solutions Connect Africa - Competency-Based Recruitment & Selection Offerings

In order to offer a seamless Recruitment & Selection Offering we work with specialised business partners who supply the following services:

  • Leadership and Technical Assessments – These assessments will be administered within the selection process for development purposes
  • Response Management – Sifting through CVs to choose those that meet the minimum requirement of the job
  • Vetting Services – Specifically doing criminal checks, credit checks, reference checking and employment confirmations as part of the selection process

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