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Human Resource

Growing HR professionals

Extensive experience in the field of human resources and partnerships with industry-expert associates, enable Solutions Connect Africa to provide you with a comprehensive range of solutions for human resource management professionals and the human resource function in general.

Our human resource management courses
  • Combine classroom facilitation with experiential learning, technology, innovation and sustainability
  • Leverage partner expertise, allowing us to provide a holistic solution that incorporates software, coaching, workshops, e-learning and neuro-science
of talent acquisition leaders agree that quality of hire is the most important performance metric
(Global Recruiting Trends 2016)

Popular HR Management Solutions

Our most popular ready-to-teach human resource management programmes.
View the module content and outcomes and discover how your HR professionals will benefit.

Fundamentals of Skills Development - Solutions Connect Africa
Fundamentals of Skills Development

Both theoretical and practical, this programme focuses on the Skills Development and Skills Development Levies Acts, workplace skills plans, annual training reports, grants and skills development levies.

HR Management Development Programme - Solutions Connect Africa
HR Management Development Programme

Run in conjunction with Wits Enterprise, this is the go-to course for developing your HR professionals into high-level managers. It covers not just HR and IR, but economics, accounting and marketing.

HR management Effective Training - Solutions Connect Africa
Presenting with Impact

Effective presentation and public speaking skills are important in business, sales and training. This course equips learners with the skills needed to present confidently, effectively and professionally.

Using Competencies to Recruit and Select - Solutions Connect Africa
Using Competencies to Recruit and Select

Competency-based techniques to identify and place the candidate with the right skills, knowledge, values and motivation for the position and for your company.

Solutions Connect Africa is accredited with Services SETA (Accreditation Number 12759) and can offer you the following accredited courses:

“Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions and a healthy dose of curiosity.”

- Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Group 1950-)

“Selecting the right person for the right job is the largest part of coaching.”

- Phil Crosby (Businessman and Author 1926-2001)

“Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them; they’re not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.”

- Ken Robinson (Educationalist, author and speaker 1950-)

“At all events, arbitration is more rational, just and humane than the resort to the sword.”

- Richard Cobden (English manufacturer, Liberal statesman 1804-1865)

“Hire character. Train skill.”

- Peter Schutz (former Porsche CEO and motivational speaker 1930-)

More HR Management Solutions

Interviewing and Selection

Right-fit placements. Master the skill of identifying potential candidates, honing it down and placing ‘the one’.

  • Interviewing Skills: An Introduction
  • Legal Considerations in Recruitment and Selection
  • Mastering the Interview
  • Recruitment Refresher Workshops
  • Selection Master Class
  • Using Competencies to Recruit and Select

Pay and Reward

Success pays. Everything the HR professional needs to analyse, judge and appropriately structure pay and reward systems.

  • Incentives and Reward
  • Job Description Writing
  • Job Grading/Evaluation
  • Pay Structuring
  • Payroll
  • Performance Contracts
  • Total Cost to Company

Labour Relations

Doing it right. Crucial labour relations know-how – because when it comes to people and process, the cost of getting it wrong is high.

  • Chairing Disciplinary Enquiries
  • Employment Equity and Skills Development Committee Training
  • Employment Equity Act
  • Initiating Disciplinary Enquiries
  • Orientation Handbook: Getting Employees off to a Good Start
  • Practical Arbitration Skills
  • Practical Labour Law
  • Sexual Harassment: Code of Good Practice


Training the trainers. Essential development programmes specially designed for human resource professionals.

All our training programmes can be customised for your industry or organisation. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Online Training Solutions - Solutions Connect Africa

Online Training

Access world-class training from your desk. Our extensive e-learning offering gives you the flexibility to train where you can, when you can.

of customers said the employee they contacted was poorly trained
(SDL 2015 The Global CX Wakeup Call Report)

Specialised. Customised. Training the way it should be. Call 028 272 9099 now.

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