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Increase personal productivity. Eliminate the uneasy frenzy of killing fires all day long. Decrease stress levels. You can – if you only manage your time. This time management course empowers staff with the knowledge and skills to save time, money and personal anguish by working smarter, not harder.

Target audience

All levels of staff.


  • Analysing current work habits and identifying areas for improvement
  • Discovering ways to successfully prioritise, handle interruptions, overcome procrastination and keep motivated in tough times
  • Developing action plans for improving personal productivity
  • Improving personal productivity by eliminating or changing non-productive behaviours
  • Achieving higher levels of efficiency by applying new, more productive work habits
  • Managing time and work better


  • Prioritising – what, how, when… setting up a plan
  • Understanding your natural rhythm
  • Getting organised
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Dealing with procrastination… staying on track
  • Focus, concentration and flow
  • Preventing interruptions
  • Staying motivated and remaining focused on the plan
  • Making sure meetings work for you


One day.

A maximum of 12 participants can be accommodated per workshop.

Specialised. Customised. Training the way it should be. Call 028 272 9099 now.

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