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Solutions Connect Africa is accredited with Services SETA (Accreditation Number 12759) and offers you this aligned course.

Ever changing, increasingly demanding – getting and staying ahead in business today no longer requires meeting customers’ expectations, but consistently exceeding them. Turn your team from customer service staff into Customer Service Champions with this essential workshop aimed at giving them the lifestyle and practical skills, team-focused mindset and customer-centric approach they need to succeed. Because your customers’ perceptions shape your business reality.

This workshop is aligned to Unit Standard 246740 and in the process of being accredited with Services Seta.

Target audience

Anyone who deals with internal or external customers.


Module 1: LIVE!Service
  • Describing the behaviours of a customer service champion
  • Identifying feeling and thoughts that drive your behaviour
  • Building your personal brand
  • Applying techniques to recognise and change negative self-talk
  • Giving and receiving feedback effectively
  • Practicing relaxation techniques
Module 2: BEST!Service
  • Describing world-class service
  • Identifying customer expectations and perceptions
  • Listening and responding empathetically to customers
  • Referring customer queries in line with organisational policies and procedures
  • Applying the BEST! process when dealing with customers
Module 3: TEAMS!Service
  • Describing the actions of a team player
  • Explaining the team development process
  • Applying the core team skills to contribute to the success of the team and organisation
  • We also offer an optional extra activity, a basic individual personality assessment which teaches learners more about their personality style and how to interact with other personality styles, particularly in relation to external and internal customers


Module 1: LIVE!Service

This module introduces Service Champions to the concept of taking care of oneself, both emotionally and physically and emphasises that in order to deliver good customer service, it is important to take care of oneself. The Service Champion journey begins with LIVE!Service:

LYour Lifestyle
IYour Impact
VYour Versatility
EYour Enthusiasm, Energy, Excitement

Module 2: BEST!Service

This module introduces participants to the core customer service skills needed to become a Service Champion. The BEST!Service Module uses activities to explore how to:

BBe a Good Listener
SSincerely Apologise
TTake Decisive Action

Module 3: TEAMS!Service

This module introduces participants to the core team skills needed to be an effective Service Champion. They’ll review fundamental concepts regarding teams, team effectiveness and have an opportunity to exercise core team skills through a game and skills practices to re-enforce TEAMS!Service:



Two days. A maximum of 16 participants can be accommodated.

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