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Solutions Connect Africa is accredited with Services SETA (Accreditation Number 12759) and offers you this aligned course.

Effective presentation and public speaking skills are important in business, sales, training, teaching, lecturing, and generally feeling comfortable speaking to a group of people.

This workshop is aligned to Unit Standard 242840 – Make Oral Presentations, and will train learners to present confidently, effectively, audibly and professionally. It will also equip learners with the skills to persuade the audience by confidently and effectively presenting ideas, recommendations, opinions and proposals.

Target audience

Presenting with Impact is aimed at anyone who is, or intends to be making oral presentations on a regular basis often to large or small groups of people.


The overall aim of this workshop is to build skills and confidence, enabling you to engage and capture the hearts and minds of people, and to make persuasive presentations to audiences of different levels and sizes.

  • Use verbal communication skills to make an effective presentation
  • Use non-verbal communication effectively to reach the audience
  • Use and maintain good poise during a presentation
  • Handle questions and overcome objections effectively 
  • Structure the presentation for maximum impact
  • Use visual-aid equipment and techniques appropriately and effectively
  • Use the art of persuasion to achieve pre-planned presentation objectives


Pre-course assignment

Delegates are provided with tips and techniques for structuring and delivering excellent presentations and asked to complete an assignment prior to the workshop as preparation.


Various tips and techniques will be discussed in the workshop:

  • Module 1 – Effective Communication
  • Module 2 – Presentation Skills: Useful Techniques
  • Module 3 – Your Environment
  • Module 4 – Presenting with Impact

Delegates will deliver various presentations throughout the workshop, which they keep building upon improving the content and their delivery skills. Their final presentation will be video recorded for assessment purposes or for them to take away from the session.

Constructive behavioural feedback

Feedback will be delivered constructively to positively shape behaviour.


The workshop is structured to be delivered over 2 full days’ contact training time, with a 3‑month period to complete workplace activities that generate evidence for the summative assessment.

A maximum of 6 delegates can be accommodated per 2-day workshop.

The non-accredited version is fully customisable to your needs and requirements.

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