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Make performance management ‘perform’ for you. The daily management of work performance along with quarterly, bi-annual or annual performance reviews are critical for any manager and leader. Discover how to turn this task from the bane of your life into a true value-adding activity. This course equips participants with the fundamental skills needed for successful performance discussion outcomes.

Target audience

Team leaders, supervisors, first-line managers or small business owners who manage the operational activities of a business and who have people reporting to them.


  • Applying fundamental communication skills while completing tasks and processes associated with labour relations
  • Distinguishing between counselling for poor performance, disciplinary action and performance review discussions
  • Avoiding personalising issues by tackling the problem, not the person
  • Giving sincere and specific feedback
  • Asking for input about corrective steps from the person being counselled/reviewed
  • Summarising the outcome of a counselling session/performance review


  • Elements of management for managing poor performance and performance reviews
  • Golden rules of counselling for poor performance and for performance review
  • Maintenance and enhancement of self-esteem
  • Listening and responding with empathy
  • Asking for solutions
  • Disciplinary action vs poor performance vs performance review
  • Communication skills
  • Feedback fundamentals
  • Counselling for poor performance – role-play
  • Conducting a performance review – role-play

We advise incorporating case studies, policies and procedures and company-specific documents into this workshop.


One to two days.

Depending on specific requirements, the workshop can focus on either Managing Poor Performance and Incapacity or on Conducting the Performance Review. Alternately it can cover both topics over two days.

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