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Solutions Connect Africa is accredited with Services SETA (Accreditation Number 12759) and offers you this aligned course.

Give your business the competitive advantage, get to grips with the fundamentals of managing the customer service experience. This essential service course is anchored in the philosophy that effective, efficient, co-ordinated and customer-focused service delivery is what really makes brands stand out.

This workshop is aligned to Unit Standard 10053 and in the process of being accredited with Services Seta.

Target audience

Individuals, managers, employers and small business owners who would like to increase their understanding of how to manage the customer experience throughout all areas of business.


  • Understanding the theoretical framework for managing the overall customer service experience
  • Understanding and applying the principles of managing the customer’s expectations
  • Applying principles of client relationship management and service recovery
  • Differentiating the value of customers and identifying their lifetime revenue potential
  • Identifying processes and systems to support efficient service delivery
  • Identifying and implementing HR processes to support the principle of staff as the first market


Each of the one-day modules below covers both theory and practical applications of skills through course assignments, case studies and guest lecturers.

Module 1: Introduction to managing the service experience – the theoretical framework
  • The moments of truth and cycle of service
  • The service delivery system
  • The supply chain
  • Service strategy
  • Customer Service: The competitive advantage?
Module 2: Service marketing – managing the customer’s expectations
  • Communicating with the customer: The impact of technology on customer communication and interaction
  • Setting customer expectations
  • The brand promise and customer value proposition
  • Measuring the service experience
Module 3: Customer relationship management
  • Customer loyalty and retention
  • Service experience and sales growth
  • Key account management
  • CRM – the customer relationship vs the system
  • The customer as an advocate
  • Service recovery: The retention opportunity
Module 4: Finance – revenue management
  • Customer value: Do some customers just cost too much?
  • Customer retention and lifetime revenue
  • Capital expenditure on customer support systems
  • Revenue management and the customer: A case study
Module 5: Service operations
  • Pipeline co-ordination
  • Processes and systems to support delivery of service
  • Service level agreements (SLA)
  • Continuous improvement and corporate intelligence
Module 6: Service culture – people and service
  • The employee as the first market
  • Interacting with the customer
  • Employees as brand ambassadors
  • Managing service through corporate intelligence


Six Days. Modules are one day long and each module can stand alone.

All modules can be customised to take into account the unique environment of an organisation.

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