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Give your telesales team the confidence and know-how they need to meet their targets and keep your customers. Unlike so many other sales courses, this programme doesn’t focus just on making sales, but does so in the context of a quality customer experience that builds trust and enhances your brand.

Target audience

Telesales consultants.


  • Developing strategies that foster a quality service to external as well as to internal customers
  • Using a professional sales process with confidence
  • Developing selling strategies that promote persuasive, win-win solutions and ensure meaningful, ongoing relationships with customers
  • Examining and listing all the features and advantages of any of the company’s products and services; preparing questions around these to uncover needs and deliver specific and appropriate benefit statements
  • Appropriately adjusting style and interacting naturally with customers to create a climate of trust and comfortable rapport


Day 1

Customer service
  • The importance of providing excellent service in today’s ever-changing, demanding and competitive marketplace
  • Satisfying both the personal, as well as the practical needs of customers
  • Establishing and maintaining credibility and trust
Interpersonal skills
  • Listening to understand
  • Telephone techniques
  • Communication styles
  • Questioning techniques
  • Appropriate silence
  • Testing understanding
The sales process – an introduction
  • Greeting the customer
  • Asking questions to identify the customer’s needs
  • Answering the customer’s needs with benefits
  • Proposing an appropriate level of commitment
  • Explaining the next steps
  • Assuring future service and attention

Day 2

Interpersonal skills
  • Enhancing and maintaining self-esteem
  • Listening and responding with empathy
  • Feelings commentary
  • Improving professional impact and gravitas
  • Dealing effectively with complaints, conflict, and other stressful situations
  • Managing emotions appropriately
The foundation – the three key principles
  • Enhancing or at least maintaining self-esteem
  • Listening and responding with empathy
  • Engaging and involving others
  • Understanding customers’ needs
  • Identifying customers’ needs

Day 3

Focused questioning techniques
  • Background questions
  • Dissatisfaction questions
  • Want questions
Product/service knowledge
  • Feature – a characteristic of a product or service
  • Advantage – explaining what the feature means or does
  • Benefit – explaining how a feature of a product or service will answer a need expressed by the customer

Day 4

  • Planning
  • Presenting a product or service
  • Gaining commitment
  • Understanding, preventing, and handling objections
  • The complete sale
  • Personal development plans


Four days. The content and duration of this workshop can be adjusted between two to five days depending upon the specific role-profile and current skills level of the telesales consultants.

Although structured, this programme caters for a facilitative training style, continuously pulling relevant, job-related specifics from delegates and incorporating it into the learning process. In addition to creating buy-in, it also ensures that the skills learned are relevant and immediately applicable in the workplace. This is therefore a highly interactive workshop interspersed with many skills practices.

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