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Equip operational managers with the know-how needed to manage not just themselves, but also their teams in the achievement of departmental and business objectives. A crucial management foundation course, this Interaction Management programme focuses strongly on collaboration, communication and team support as the drivers of win-win outcomes.

Target audience

Team leaders, supervisors, first-line managers or small business owners who manage the operational activities of a business and who have people reporting to them.


  • Understanding the difference between managing and motivating
  • Understanding the importance of interpersonal skills for a first-line manager
  • Mastering fundamental team leader and supervisor communication skills:
    • Listening and responding with empathy
    • Attending skills
    • Active listening
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Reflecting, i.e. ‘respectful responding’
  • Planning a structured discussion with a co-worker or subordinate
  • Successfully conducting one-to-one discussions


  • Who am I?
  • Leading, managing and motivating teams
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Using questions
  • The structure of one-to-one discussions with a staff or team member
  • Role-play of the structured discussion
  • Feedback


One Day.

The Interaction Management programme is a foundation module and is most effective when used as an introduction to other modules such as coaching, conflict management, performance management and managing poor performance and incapacity.

Case studies and role plays are customised to suit an organisation’s specific needs and modules are combined according to the needs of the business and participants.

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