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Covering the primary accounting and corporate finance topics that form the core of business finance, this course is ideal for managers whose work experience is not directly in the accounting and finance area. It equips participants with the analytical skills needed to read and interpret financial reports, gives them insight into the impact of operating decisions on a firm’s financial health, and allows them to communicate more effectively with accounting and finance people. The integration of investment, operating and financing decisions is stressed through use of a case study approach.

Target audience

This course has a broad practical application across an organisation. Ideal delegates include:

  • Company directors, such as human resource and operational directors, who do not work with financial information on a daily basis.
  • Senior and middle management who have line management responsibilities and need to broaden their understanding of the financial implications of their decisions
  • New or first-time managers who need to get an overview of the financial components of a business.

No prior accounting or financial knowledge is required in order to be able to attend and actively participate on this course. The course is designed to start from the basics and work up towards more advanced financial concepts.


  • Reading financial statements and assessing financial risk
  • Identifying specifications needed to improve profit margins and returns
  • Recognising the impact of different methods of costing
  • Discussing financial matters effectively with financial specialists
  • Identifying the drivers of value in a business


Accounting concepts and application
  • Balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements
  • Accounting language and principles
  • Marginal and activity-based costing
Assessing the financial health of a firm
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Ratio analysis
  • Break-even analysis
Measuring financial performance
  • Managing growth (sustainable and actual growth rates)
  • Working capital management
  • Returns on capital
Sources of finance
  • Debt versus equity
  • The cost of capital
Evaluating investments
  • Discounted cash flows
Creating value


Two days.

A maximum of 20 participants can be accommodated.

Each workshop is structured to meet the specific requirements of an organisation, can be fully customised to include company-specific information and be completely adapted depending on the level of the attendees.

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