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This thinking skills course introduces participants to a process for thinking and problem-solving aimed at enhancing effective thinking in the workplace.

Target audience

All employees up to middle management level.


  • Creating a common understanding of a framework for effective thinking
  • Creating an opportunity to learn and practice effective thinking habits
  • Obtaining feedback on your thinking habits
  • Identifying areas for development


Participants are given opportunities to practice and apply the different thinking tools and techniques covered by the programme. This thinking skills workshop will equip them to: 

  • Identify critical success factors as a measurement base
  • Define a problem
  • Investigate the problem
  • Utilise tools to generate creative thinking
  • Generate possible solutions using various tools
  • Implement solutions
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the solution against critical success factors


Two days.

A maximum of 15 and a minimum of 4 participants can be accommodated per workshop.

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