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Drive improved performance in your staff with the win-win benefits of on-the-job coaching. Proven to be highly effective, this kind of coaching not only ensures that required standards are maintained, it also provides staff with practical, immediate and ongoing learning opportunities.

A strong focus on role-play and exercises means participants master both the theory and the practice of effective on-the-job coaching.

Target audience

Team leaders, supervisors, first-line managers or small business owners who manage the operational activities of a business and who have people reporting to them.


  • Identifying areas for coaching correctly
  • Conducting structured and performance-enhancing coaching/training sessions
  • Providing meaningful feedback to your team to improve their confidence and motivation in their ability to perform to required levels of competence
  • Reviewing your coaching sessions to change and improve your approach


  • Visiting the concept of outcomes-based learning
  • What is on-the-job training?
  • Why do we have to coach?
  • Elements of performance
  • What is the job of the coach?
  • Reward and recognition of achievements
  • Adult learning principles – what factors assist learning?
  • Training techniques
  • Step-by-step coaching cycle
  • Identify the coaching need and define its impact
  • Plan the approach
  • Explain and agree approach with learner
  • Conduct one-to-one coaching and/or training sessions
  • Monitor and give continuous feedback
  • Report on coaching
  • Review the coaching


Two days.

All exercises can be customised to suit participants’ environments and unique situations.

Specialised. Customised. Training the way it should be. Call 028 272 9099 now.

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